Marquis Emerging Leaders

Deidra Smith

Title: Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Employment Specialist

Company: MDee Beauty, HR Office Solutions Inc., HROS Inc.

Location: Dover, DE

Career History: CEO and Founder, Mdee Beauty (2020-Present);

CEO and Founder, Process Serving (2009-Present);

CEO and Founder/Employment Specialist, HR Office Solutions Inc. (2009-Present);

Outside marketing for various companies such as AT&T, Bronner Bros., etc.

MDee Beauty

Deidra Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at MDee Beauty, Process Serving, and HR Office Solutions, Inc., has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the fields of business and cosmetics.

Growing up in Philadelphia with two hardworking parents who instilled in her a strong worth ethic and drive, Ms. Smith strived from a young age to find success by paving her own professional path. While starting out in the early 2000s, she took on work-from-home jobs in an effort to retain her independence. Despite working on her own, she predominantly served to help people find work, utilizing her natural skills in talking to and dealing with people, and it was then that she realized it was something she did extremely well. By 2003, she took a job as an account manager, a role she was able to do remotely, and subsequently worked in outside marketing for numerous companies, including AT&T, Bronner Bros., and Dr. Miracle. Upon entering the corporate field, she became inspired to open and operate her own company.

Since 2009, Ms. Smith has been active as the Chief Executive Officer, founder, employment specialist, employments counselor, and a non-attorney representative for the disabled at HR Office Solutions, Inc., which provides process serving and courier services for a wide range of specific organizations, as well as the government, such as the Social Security Administration. Additionally, HR Office Solutions contracts each company under her leadership to help disabled individuals find jobs and then monitor them. Also in 2009, she founded Process Serving, a company that serves legal paperwork, which is still in operation to this day, and began serving as the Chief Executive Officer and founder at HROS Inc., an organization that serves subpoenas and other legal documents. She also acts as a business coach—helping others to open their own companies—life coach, and employment coach.

Stepping outside of her main areas of focus in 2020, Ms. Smith, motivated by her lifelong passion for skincare and its products, began researching and ultimately developed a formula for lipsticks, matte liquid lipsticks, lip stains, and lip glosses that fit her needs—as well as the needs of those who, like her, found their once-favorite products to no longer do the trick. She started MDee Beauty, a company that uses “paraben-free ingredients” such as vitamin E, Sea butter, and avocado oil and serves to “improve the condition” of users’ lips. “We want you to be confident that your look can last all day,” Ms. Smith said in an interview with Black EOE Journal. “Our product is built on healthiness, vibrant colors, and sustainability. It is our goal to keep you looking good all day.” In addition, Ms. Smith has strived to establish a work environment that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion when it comes to listening to the ideas of others; as a Black woman, she says she has had plenty of experiences being overlooked in the workforce. “I’ve been made to think that my ideas and what I had to say didn’t matter…Everyone’s voice needs and should be heard, especially in the workforce on your team…As the employer, I know that I don’t know everything, that’s why I surround myself with motivated, opinionated, and diversity in thought.” Over the course of its two-year existence so far, MDee Beauty has found much success, of which she is incredibly proud.

Outside of her primary endeavors, she volunteers 70 hours a month with religious organizations, frequently donates to help homeless women get the care and help that they need, and is a devoted member of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Looking toward the future, Ms. Smith shows no signs of resting in her entrepreneurship—in the next five to 10 years, she wants to be able to start a chain of storefronts. When she isn’t working, she enjoys walking, traveling, spending time with friends, and going out to eat.

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