Marquis Emerging Leaders

Austin P. Brown

Title: Data Analyst for Facebook Gaming

Company: Facebook

Location: Fresno, California, United States

Education: BA, in 3D Animation, Cogswell University of Silicon Valley (Formerly Cogswell College), San Jose, 2008-2013

Career History: Data Analyst for Facebook Gaming, Public Content Creator Onsite, Facebook, PRO Unlimited Contract, 2 years;

Moderation Manager, Roblox, 2020-2021;

Quality Reviewer Lead, PRO Unlimited Contract, 2018-2020;

Data Analyst, eTeam, 2017-2018;

Co-founder, FrankenBacon Studios, 2014-Present;

Remote Video Editor, Shmoop University, 2014-2017;

Comic Artist, Tristar Software, LLC, 2013-2017;

Lead Caricature Artist, Kaman’s Art Shoppe, 2009-2014

Austin Brown, Data Analyst for Facebook Gaming, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of technology.

Mr. Brown attended the Cogswell University of Silicon Valley, which was a digital art school that majored in 3D animation. From there, he found his way to working for a website called which paved his path to his current career. was a website providing educational content, and the experience he gained in this venture lead to an opportunity to work with Youtube in their content moderation department. Facebook. Mr. Brown joined Facebook as a Data Analyst for Facebook Gaming, and is also involved as a Public Content Creator Onsite for Facebook with a PRO Unlimited Contract. In addition to his work with Facebook and Youtube, he is proud of his time with Roblox.

One of the unique qualities of Mr. Brown’s work is the ever-changing field. One of his favorite aspects is the live streaming area. Looking towards the future, he would like to continue working in the same field because he sees a lot of potential for cloud gaming and mainstreamers coming into the market. Mr. Brown loves his work and endeavors to grow with the field and be a part of its development. Some of the creative projects he has been involved with include The Bacon Connection in 2014 and Driven in 2013.

In his daily responsibilities, Mr. Brown provides video game analysis For Facebook gaming platforms through testing which includes instant games and game streaming. He collaborates on research projects in order to improve the user experience on the gaming platform. What aids Mr. Brown’s success is the creativity he brings to the table into the technical field and being empathetic.

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